Spoken Words


“Locked & Loaded”

– a. messenger @ Gabriel I. Pittman

rules of engagement are like/al queda takin’ our flights/

towers break in our sight/the country shakes with our fright/
plans were made thru the night/who will pay we must fight/
afganis tasted our might/iraq ate the same pie/
bombs turn day into night/causin’ babies to die-
like McVeigh & those guys/who swear they have the right/
to be saviors despite/the races they try/
to erase from their sight/in case they deny/
who made more guns/brought more drugs across seas/
kill the Taliban/to get hands on the poppy/
democracy’s a decoy to disguise the/envoys they send/
to defend their monopoly/they keep it locked end loaded/
like hammers and syringes/
we keep thinkin’ soldiers/are sent there to defend us/
but in the end it’s/clear it’s only meant to be/
preparation for the day/uncle sam admitted he
don’t wanna heal my body/he wanna kill my body/
soul & mind control/he wanna steal my body/
run and tell somebody/hell is filled with bodies/
those who didn’t know/he gets real psychotic/
don’t wanna heal my body/he wanna kill my body/
control my mind & soul/my body is his body/
don’t snitch & tell somebody/just reveal his body/
for the way he took us all /& made us carbon-copies


aclock   By Corey Hodges

Can you find time to listen?
As I try to talk to your soul
through this pen!
Or have I too become a burden
and that’s why our line of
communication has become thin.

Can you find time to write?
And let your heart speak through
a letter. . . or maybe just send a card
cause hearing from you makes me
feel a whole lot better.

Can you find time to even reminisce?
Or just close your eyes and picture
my smile.
Do you even have time to hear yourself
whisper, “I haven’t seen a special loved
one in a while.”

Can you find any time to pray for me?
Like I always do for you.
Or do you fall asleep not knowing
I hurt like you hurt,
and I’m in need of God’s love too.

Would you be willing to find time to love?
And not just your significant other,
Not a boyfriend, Not your soulmate.
Let’s just say I’m a distant brother.

Believe that time is of the essence.
So don’t let it pass us by.
But if you were a bird and your name was “Time”
Then I could honestly say,
“Time sure does fly!”

@Corey Hodges 2013



By Kevin Webb

Sparkles explode through the haze around

                                 my heed high-minded designs shine like stars to the night sky

Sublime ideas alter whats real

Real dissembles itself every moment

within a moment, infinite end golden.

Secrets hide somewhere within

truth lies still while thoughts spin

Diamonds hide burned in the mind

gems of knowledge transcend space-time

revealing truth that cannot be defined

When colors change end take new shapes the

present reveals itself to my collection

I be myself in every direction.

Kevin Webb #361555  10274 Boyer Road

Carson City, MI 48811


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