The Jamaatian Ethics

Submitted by Akili Castlin


“Your kingdom come, your will be done on Earth, as it is heaven” Matthew 6:10

Jamaatian Ministry, the propagation of religious unity, spiritual cultivation, tolerance and peace on Earth. Today more than at any other time in our historical picture of existence, there is a greater need for religious unity amongst the world’s people, churches, masjids, and synagogues.

          To begin with it was imperative for us to embrace the name which qualifies and objectified the logical connection to the global spiritual search in which we embody. The name Jamaatian embraces three (3) separate parts: jamaa, meat, and maatian, each words, is a part of the all to which it belongs. Each traces its interconnectedness to our ancestry the Kamitians of over 5000 years ago.

1) Jamaa, is translated “family”, the representation and inspiration of God’s family on Earth.
2) Maat is the fourth (4th) sphere of the ancient Kamitic way, associated with the seven (7) crowning virtues, the key to human perfectibility, which are:
1. Truth
2. Propriety
3. Reciprocity
4. Balance
5. Justice
6. Order
7. Harmony

3) Maatian, is translated “righteous leadership”, for it is the source of our ministry.

          Jamaatian Ministry, embraces three(3) divine attributes of God’s unlimited qualities, the very substance/energy that dwells inside the soul of each Jamaatian member, sharing with God the same unlimited quality, though not the same quantity,

The divine attributes are:
1) Omnipresence ( unlimited presence)
2) Omniscience ( unlimited knowledge)
3) Omnipotence (unlimited power)

          Jamaatian Ministry holds the concept that every world religion or system of belief, who has vision of God is valid, and has a legitimate holy relationship established) in heaven. In living this truth we seek the greater need to unite our spirituality towards the highest manifestation of God’s divine power.

          Jamaatian Ministry’s mission is to propagate a new global spiritual cultivation that is able to manifest the unlimited spiritual power, unify, shape, and awaken the divine faculties:( man’s ability to know, to do, to be is essentially unlimited and is subjected to manifest itself through time and space, while God’s unlimited power and ability manifest, instantly). These divine attributes are the substance of our claim that man is made in the likeness of God.

“Then God said, let us make man in our image, according to our likeness” Genesis 1:26

          In our global spiritual development, we look first to the almighty God knowing God would never desert us or permit the world to destroy humanity which is created in God’s likeness and image. As we look into the depths of our souls becoming witness t6 the unlimited presence (omnipresence), unlimited knowledge (omniscience), an unlimited power (omnipotence) which God expresses through human vessels, spiritual awakening will allow humanity to become what we have never been, but what God preparing us for, prerequisite to peace, and prosperity on Earth).

          Jamaatian Ministry understands spiritual awakening is knowing we share with God its unlimited quality of power, and divinity though not the same quantity.

          Jamaatian Ministry challenges all of life’s conflicts with love and unity; refraining from taking sides in religious disputes, arguments and debates of doctrine, rituals, customs, culture, language or mannerisms.

          Jamaatian Ministry finds that in place of God’s (omnipresence) people have limited their presence to the identification with the person, a sense of separation from other people, animals and plants etc…, in place of God’s (omniscience) people’s ability to know is limited and diametrically opposite God’s. In place of God’s (omnipotence) we find most people’s power and ability to accomplish seems to have been limited to a few talents and/or skills.

Jamaatian Ministry’s objectives are:
A. Spiritual cultivation of humanity.
B. Unity of all the world’s religious ( regardless of doctrine)
C. Tolerance

Jamaatian Ministry belongs to the people who believes humanity is savable.

Love and Loyalty, Jamaatian Ministry


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