A National Convesation

By Donnie Phillips

     Our President took to the podium for 18 minutes in an impromptu (extemporaneous) statement trying to intimate the feelings Black American were experiencing following the Trayvon Martin verdict meanwhile not wanting statement like the one Barbara Walters made; “they want revenge,” further distorting the Nations perception of why folks are protesting.

Perhaps the president moved too slowly or handled things too delicately, but for certain he was not forced as much as he was emotionally moved to address this divisive issue and that he did even as the first Black President when he called for Americans to search for how we might “wring bias from our lives” and so . . . this is the first step: “Understanding.”

The National Conversation is the one about race which some believe was 1st attempted by Presidents Andrew Johnson and then again by Bill Clinton, yet both to no avail probably because only we can “actually feel” what’s wrong then describe the core element of racism so that the Nation can finally ask the right questions and grapple with whatever becomes the answers, if any there be. Racism is such a colossal topic here in America and so deeply ingrained into our society that there is no wonder in why it has eluded us for so long. Nobody wants to risk being castigated as a hater or “reverse-racist” for trying to inform the world of what we’re seeing. Well on behalf of Mandela’s 95th birthday, which just passed July 18th, it’s high time that some truth is told and the core element of racism be exposed.

In spirit of being concise, I must stray from elegant prose syntax to confront this “The human stain” heads on. The truth is Black people are uniquely burdened with ‘emotions’ at higher degrees than any non-blacks can obtain or imitate comprehensively. There is a contrast between sympathy and empathy that’s so visual and measurable throughout history where every single generation of emotion-able humans succumb to non-emotion-able humans absolutely. History provides clear evidence that; “That Euro-Asians” don’t suffer from the heavy drag that human emotions cripple Blacks with. On one continent from top to bottom the homo-sapiens saturated with melanin in their DNA formed communal tribes while on the colder-upper continent homo-erectus merely clubbed their women over the head and drug her back to his cave to enslave and breed. However, the conundrum of having the characteristic of emotions is that it becomes virtually impossible to then imagine a people not possessing this trait. What more is that even for one to dare pronounce such a premise shall certainly only spur the emotional to attack his own kind in defense of what they “feel” for their non-black fellow-man. Possessing great sympathy and great empathy, we (on numerous occasions) as blacks here in America will not dare to make a fuss about something merely sad or sympathetic without it also stirring up our deepest empathy. Whereas historically whites and non-blacks can only grasp at the sympathy of a tragic situation and therefore they are amazed and often find it disturbing when blacks start protesting, as they stand emotionally detached. For example: Trayvon Martin jurors can all express just how sad they are that he had to die and will even summons up a few tears if a camera or crowd is near, that is sympathy. They intellectually realize that something sad has occurred and so, they act accordingly. Meanwhile, empathy is when we can ‘actually feel’ ourselves in that situation personally and intimately! This has always fascinated people who lack melanin, how emotional we’re always getting.

Allow me to be clear, this is not a diatribe against non-blacks because I am a man who loves a great many of whites, Asian and Hispanic women and comrades from South Central L.A. and all throughout the Santa Monica, Malibu, and Beverly Hills. Nonetheless, no progress in terms of race relations have ever been realized without the cooperation and sympathy of our fellow women and our fellow-man just as there shall never be progress now without everyone taking their seats at the table. I’ve just provided context for the National (and international) Conversation about race, which we’ve all been reluctant, but duty-bound to have.

Venerations in the utmost fashion to those who aren’t on defense or taking offense to this element of the “National Conversation” put before you. If you’ve paid close attention, you heard or read where I conceded that emotions of the Black capacity are a burden and certainly so because mostly those who are offended are uninformed of past ancient history or present modern history both of which contain such atrocities no empathic people could have envisioned, endorsed or endured as a society. Medieval times alone proved an unfathomable disregard and disconnect from all things moral and humane existing in large part on the entire Euro-Asian Continent and the transition to the American’s was no less repugnant to the consciousness of mankind as slavery and Salem’s witch hunts became the societal norm (deemed reasonable and acceptable) even for all the women and children to enjoy; These rituals weren’t for the faith of heart. The public beheadings, the burnings of women and children at the stake and the flesh-ripping beatings to break-in-slaves, all of these practices were common and enjoyed by all of society. The current affairs of emotionally detached non-blacks is a very old behavioral proclivity we’ve lived and died with ever since we met long ago, so it’s no surprise that we are under attack at every facet of our lives.

Politically/Legislatively: Blacks are cast as burdensome government recipients who are crippled by the aid they receive and squander on drug, cars, clothes and fun. Voter rights act of 1965 virtually unraveled by the highest court along with affirmative action, which compelled schools and businesses who receive government benefits to have racial inclusiveness (i.e. balance).

Socially/Psychologically: Blacks are subliminally told who to love and who to late –via- media e.g. hate Christ Brown but forgive Emma Roberts both did identical crimes or send Michael Vick to prison for killing dogs but sympathize with Zimmerman for killing a black teenager (a human). Hate Kim and the Kardashiams for what, for selecting black as their idea of beauty? Hate and devalue black men who are incarcerated, for what, for being the type of men who wouldn’t bend over in a bent system . . . that’s so terrible. Even reducing the idea of racist and racism to a “card” in which a black might play or an individual who refuses or fails to ‘apologize’. If a person) i.e. politician, millionaire Chef, or a Philly football player, or golfer) merely apologizes then he/she can’t be racist. Wow I predict that at the conclusion of “Big Brother” several people will simply apologize for the things they said which “Might have seemed” hurtful or racist, it was not any one intent.

Economically/Nationally: Blacks have played into divisive frames where blacks born in one of the many Latin countries actually believe and/or are treated as it they aren’t Black. The invention of this race category was a marketing strategy to begin with and we as educated people of color must stop looking towards these obscure and made up titles, even locations to define us so that we can channel our love and our spending inward in order to prosper. “Always looking at oneself through the eyes of others, of measuring one’s soul by the tape of the world that looks on in amused contempt and pity.” W.E.B. DuBois
“Real Eyes, Realize, Real Lies”

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