U.S. Style Of Democracy Is No Democracy


                                 Submitted by Lacino Hamilton

    Pudits and political elites are going to do everything they can to convince us that the upcoming elections are important. However, there seems to be some sort of gentlemen’s agreement between them to pretend that American democracy is loftier than it actually is.

To be frank, voting is a process that consolidates politicians control over us, not control over them. Or in the words of Washtington-journalist James Bovard, “[e]lections have become a largely futile exercise to reveal comparative popular contempt for competing professional politicians.” When we get tired of one politician or group we replace them with the other. The question of which party is in control, democrat or republican, has become far more important than whether they are actually controlled.

What does it mean that the house is controlled by republicans but the democrats’ margin control in the senate gives them the edge? One way to answer this is to look at the Iraqi war, that began during the first Bush presidency and was continued for eight years under Clinton, another eight under the second Bush, and still being under President Obama, coming to an end? Are international agreements like NAFTA and the WTO, both of which have contributed to the loss of tens of thousands of jobs, going to be rescinded? Are the people going to be bailed out like the banks were? Is Michigan’s Governor Rick Snyder going to release the 15 thousand prisoners who have served time past their first release date? Or is he going to privatize more parts of the MDOC (give public money to private citizens)? It is naive to expect politicians to do anything other than what they have historically done-ingratiate themselves and those whose interest they represent.

Politicians will not voluntarily dismantle the political system they and their predecessors have constructed to perpetuate the ideas and interest of the economic and political elites. Working class and poor citizens are going to have to change their attitudes toward U.S. style of democracy: Is the current candidate selection process, where the candidate who raises the most money receives the nomination, the best process? Is America really a democracy when our participation ends at casting a vote? Can most of our problems be solved by vesting the right person with power–as if the foremost challenge in life is to find a master?

We cannot continue to pretend that we control politicians–when we don’t know. We have perpetuated that delusion too long. We must cease assuming that politicians who are seeking more power over us are acting in good faith. Politicians must be judged in the light of all the lies told, all the rights violated, and all the wealth bureaucracies have squandered. No one has the right to shackle us to wars that benefit multi-national corporations. No one has the right to tax us, then give our money to politically favored groups. Nor the right once elected to make decisions absent a referendum.

Marginal reforms suffice only for those who believe they deserve marginal lives–Period! There is no safe political refuge for those unable or unwilling to take control of their own lives. At some point, working class and poor citizens are going to have to, come pain or worse, organize and challenge the pretense of U.S. democracy.

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