By Gabriel I. Pittman

     A physicist or neuroscientist I am not nor do I pretend to be. However, as an avid seeker of general knowledge my interests were piqued by two recent reports that are evidence of man’s insatiable desire to solve all unknowns and to know all. From the apparent discovery of a new subatomic particle to breakthroughs in translating signals from the most complex computer in the world – namely, the human brain – mankind is ever so closer to getting to no God. What is the implication of “getting to no God”? I mean literally getting to no God. Let me explain.

In the first report by the Associated Press, a theory first proposed in the 1960’s may have finally been proven. Scientists gathered at the European Organization for Nuclear Research to hear the announcement of highly technical findings that show the theorized Higgs boson, or “God particle”, was possibly unveiled. This “God particle,” named after Scottish physicist Peter Higgs, is “regarded as key to understanding why matter has mass, which combines with gravity to give an object weight.” And all this time I thought it was simply “Let it be…”
In the second report by Dan Vergano of the USA Today, neuroscientists are making significant steps towards “ways to translate brain signals into messages to help communicate with paralyzed patients who are ‘locked in’, unable to move any muscles.” At Maastricht University in the Netherlands, MRI scanning machines have successfully translated brain signals into letters enabling the machines to spell messages. At Brawn University two “locked in” patients have manipulated a robotic arm with signals from brain implants. An all this time I thought it was simply “Take up thy bed and walk…”

At first glance these “discoveries” seem pertinent and even noble. Pertinent in that in order to manipulate nature to our benefit we have to know what makes things tick. Noble in the sense that quality-of-life should be improved for individuals who are so severely paralyzed as to be “locked in”. At second glance however, once mankind’s track record is taken into consideration, it is unfortunately reasonable to assume that in ten to twenty years (if not sooner) these “breakthroughs” will break through their initial intentions and become something quite sinister and ungodly. Think Manhattan Project. Hiroshima. Nagasaki. Chernobyl. Three Mile Island. Fukishiima. Instead of an
auditorium full of physicists and neuroscientists celebrating recent discoveries, imagine war rooms full of trained soldiers with brain implants controlling a battalion of robotic warriors armed with P-238 Higgs Boson hyper-gravity lasers that have the effect of making the enemies’ vital organs instantly so dense and heavy that they die from being internally crushed when shot by the ray. Like the nuclear bomb, this would be something that no God would have ever fathomed humans using their God-given intelligence to create…at least not in his/her image. Hence, “getting to no God”.

Regardless of our chosen religion, the only “God particles” we should really be concerned with rises in the east and sets in the west, goes in our lungs and down our throats daily. Without the sun, air, and water nothing else matters. Instead of trying to figure out what gives an object weight, wouldn’t it be more practical to figure out how to solve the more current and urgent issue of weight — obesity? At the same time they’re helping improve the lives of paralyzed individuals who are “locked in”, wouldn’t it be practical to also solve the epidemic of so many humans who have full physical capacity but are “locked out” of their brains? And by the way, if scientists are so smart and know so much why are they always “searching” for answers?

Man, know thyself and in knowing thyself you shall know all.

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