Judgment Day


By Jamy Pierson

I have endured some of mankind’s most wicked creations and live to tell the tale of a man who lost not just his way, but his values, his sanity, and his will to carry on. I have been slandered by those who claim to be just and I have been tormented by those who claim to be righteous. They say that experience defines who and what we are. So, in light of that, I am a thief, a drug addict, a liar, and one who embraces the concept of sin. Their definition of my character is neither impartial nor objective–it’s bias! It’s odd how we often tend to overlook a thousand acts of kindness, when faced with one simple act of deception. Love can be so easily forgotten if a lie is brought to light. Suspicion hides in the darkness, just waiting for the proper moment to crumble the foundations of trust that we work so hard to preserve. Why are the negative so permanent and the positive so temporary? How could a man spend his whole entire life as a good-natured person and only be remembered for his shortcomings and failures? As humans, we are so indefinitely flawed. We thrive upon the misery and tears of those who have no other option than to surrender. Their despair is comforting to us because it reminds us that we are all weak and powerless inside. Our gossip is laced with the venom that poisons the purest of hearts, and leaves others to wallow in their own defeat. With words, we plague even an honest man’s accomplishments and defile his honor and integrity.

Why is wickedness always lurking in the shadows of our brain? Evilness is something that can be easily achieved without much effort, but divinity is something that you must strive for, and even then it is as elusive as a smile from a stranger. On this road of life, we step over those who have fallen, and we laugh at those who cry. The war between good and evil has been raging since man’s creation: it resides inside all of us. There are casualties and there are survivors, but no matter what side you choose, you will always be torn between the two.

This is evident by the fact that nothing attracts us more than sex and violence. We gather in great numbers to watch a fight in the hopes of seeing blood, and then in our infinite wisdom, we punish those who act out in aggression. And lust, at times, has driven many of us into insanity, and made liars of the rest.

I walk these battle grounds of condemned men rejected by society. I dwell among the living dead who have no tears to give. Their eyes are as hollow as your promises, and their souls have become as black as midnight. Cursed with pale skin and broken hopes, the scent of death lingers from their open wounds, caused by words that love and hate. This world is a purgatory! It is neither Heaven nor Hell, but rather a holding facility for those who are deemed unmanageable.

How tragic is a society that changes itself so fast and so often, that even the most brilliant minds of our time have difficulty making sense of things. And for those that cannot adjust, we banish them to a world that we have created with madness and stone. It’s there, where they become further removed from a world that they never quite understood in the first place. It’s there, where they understand what selfishness is really about. It’s there, where a man realizes that all he really has is thoughts, his ideas, and his pride. And when that man dares to think for himself and sees the world for what it really is, we label him rebellious. Thoughts do not advocate extreme measures, actions do!

People will view upon me with judgmental ayes and find that I am morally objectionable, foul, and even a horrid person, who defiled the innocence of his fellow-man by walking down the wrong path, but they have created an illusion. For they can only see what they want to see. It’s the negative, the sorrow, and the pain that they associate with my face. They know not, of all the times that I have made others smile, or helped another in need. For they see those as just momentary gestures of kindness from a wicked man.
Am I truly evil? Yes, I am! But to live within the flesh is a sin within itself. Despite our commitments to honesty and virtue, evil dwells deep inside the soul of every living man, some just hide it better than others. One day I shall perish along with all the labels that you place upon me, but I take comfort in the fact that on my Judgment Day, I will answer to a power greater than you and I!!


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