Choose Better Weapons: Books

By Djuamiel Huff

In today’s society, it’s essential that a person is well-read, articulate, and diverse in their thinking so that they are able to confront the game of life from multiple angles. If all you know is the ‘streets,’ your attitude in life is going to be extremely low and narrow. This limited worldview keeps you at a disadvantage and unable to compete in the larger world.

In order to increase your chances of success, you must have what is called ‘S.B.C.’ (i.e., Street Sense, Book Sense, and Common Sense). The contents of your mind will express itself through your actions. That’s why it is imperative that you read more than just about rap music, cars or other entertainment magazines. Moreover, make sure you watch more than music videos, and do not restrict your choice of music to hip hop. If a person cannot think outside of the box, it will be difficult to function outside of the box.

In this respect, reading is fundamental. Picking up a book will expand your vocabulary and by extension it will broaden your perspective because a
dictionary is in fact, a mini-encyclopedia. America is an English-speaking
country, and if you desire to better articulate yourself and ideas, you must develop a command of the language. And because your brain is a muscle that
must get proper exercise in order to function effectively, likewise it must
be fed a steady regimen of intellectual vitamins. Since gaining intelligence and knowledge is not fashionable in our neighborhood, our community is slowly evolving into a dangerous subculture with a third world mentality. We glamorize a culture where ignorance is applauded, and educational encouragement is frowned upon. Our distaste for reading books makes it easy to keep us disempowered.

Lynching still goes on today—only the method changed. Metaphorically, the courtroom is the tree, the law is the rope, and the Judge’s ink pen is the
noose. We are not targeted simply because of our skin color; we are targeted because we are the easiest prey due to our not being socially and politically conscious, or even aware of our basic legal rights.

I’m going to tell you a little secret: Nerds run the world, and ‘cool’ people are exploited by nerds on all levels. Let’s stop worrying about the latest fashion styles, and start focusing on the latest economic trends. We are being systematically exterminated, and our hesitation to grow mentally is the enemy’s greatest ally. Let’s stop being intellectual midgets. We are not perishing for a lack of Gucci, or a lack of Prods, or even a lack of Nike; we are perishing for a lack of knowledge. There is a war going on and we are losing it because we are using the wrong weapons to engage the enemy with. Wake up brothers. The only ‘tool’ that you need to be running around using is that ‘tool’ inside your head!

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