A Classic Blueprint for Failure


A Classic Blueprint for Failure

By Lacino Hamilton

          Let’s assume that the goal was to create conditions that would influence ignorance, anger, violence, and self-destruction. The following are the hypothetical conditions I believe would work.

Create a dysfunctional school system, one that poorly teaches basic reading, writing, and comprehensive skills. If a population doesn’t have basic skills it definitely will not have critical thinking skills. And if they don’t have critical thinking skills, they can’t figure out how to solve their problems. Not just their immediate problems, but especially the complex economic, political and social problems that will suffocate them.

Then create a highly competitive job market where they will not be able to find a place in it because advanced education will be the qualification for entry. They have already been denied that. After that, pull all the quality manufacturing jobs cut of their neighborhoods and cities.

The only way divestment can be guaranteed is to control the political machinery that governs economic and social policies. The way to get and keep control of the political machinery is to attach a price tag. It will take hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions of dollars for a potential candidate to finance a local campaign. Financing a national campaign now exceeds hundreds of $millions. And if the ignorant, angry, violent, self-destructive person does not have an education or job, they can’t decide who gets on the ballot. So, as long as they lack resources–that is what education, jobs, and money are—they can’t back people they really want in office. People who will help them solve their problems. The best they can do is vote for the people placed on the ballot by someone else. From time to time candidates will physically look like them, but that is where the similarities end. No one will be placed on the ballot whose hasn’t already proven themselves to be capable of placing profit before people, and politics before people.

If they manage to make an education out of that inferior education offered, and learn to cope with inferior school supplies and make the best out of second-hand materials, drugs will be introduced to them, drugs that are grown half-way around the world. Drugs that require global networks to grow, process and bring to market. Networks they don’t own or control. Not everyone, or every generation will be attracted to the same drug. Therefore, new drugs will constantly have to be developed. Drugs are not just an individual thing. They have social consequences. Namely, they tear apart the social networks, including marriages, families, communities, etc.

Everyone will not know about these drugs. They will have to be advertised. Seeing that control of all forms of mass communication, like television, radio, Hollywood, and print publications, are concentrated in the hands of a few corporations, it will not be difficult to glamorize drugs and the people whom use them, especially actors, musicians, and athletes. Because as long as the youth, who view these people as role models, see them doing it, they will think it is cool and want to do it also.

There is the possibility that drugs may not kill them, or make them want to kill themselves, but it will negatively impact their self-esteem. Therefore, everything around them must look like nothing to reinforce a negative self-image. Dilapidated houses, decaying infrastructure, crumbling buildings, litter, waste, and all these symbols of poverty are exaggerated via popular culture, etc. Every time they look out into society and see images of themselves, or things which represent themselves, they will see someone who is contemptible. Collectively these elements produce self-hate.

The only images of people who look like them that defy efforts to stunt their growth should be framed as (1) the so-called exception, the person with super talent or ability. Something they will not see in themselves; sad (2) the criminal – turned entrepreneur. That character will be shown as someone who is industrious and strong and knowing very well that very few who engage in criminal activity will make a transition to the business world. Show this image over and over and over again until they are convinced that it is not only a legitimate career path but, that they can do it themselves.

Someone will want to help them. It is in human nature to help those that need help. So people will have to be convinced that they are not victims of these crested conditions. That they are not deserving of help. So every time they scream and holler nut in pain, drown out their cries with slanted research and statistics which make them appear lazy, non-industrious, and subhuman. Make people who sympathize with them believe that they deserve the misery in which they live. Make the victim appear to be a drain on society. So when 130 schools are closed in five years, the public won’t do anything. So when forty and fifty warning shots are put in their backs, the public won’t do anything. When their water is shut off and they are kicked out of their houses in the middle the winter, the public won’t do anything. When their children are kicked off government assistance in the middle of the worst recession in seventy years, the public won’t do anything.

Use the media, particularly the news, to show nothing but low-level street crimes; victims of some of the worst economic, political and social conditions lashing out violently against one another. Even though there are a million different things that could be shown on the news (for example people working together and doing positive things, because many people are), search for activities that show them at their very worst. Convince the rest of society that they deserve not only the misery in which they live, but the cold and callous way society responds with violence itself. Closing more schools, cutting more jobs, scaling back more social safety nets, and building more prisons.

Almost without exception, when a psychologist, or therapist encounters someone who victimize people, they look for victimization in the victimizer’s past. That’s because the victimized in almost always a victim him or herself. Sure, the ignorant, angry, violent, self-destructive person was first victimized through educational, economic, political, and social neglect. However, never identify them as victims. Society may see stopping their victimization as a pivotal part of the solution. And if the goal is to create such conditions, and such an individual, then the goal also has to be preventing society from coming up with real solutions. So identify the problem (the individual—not society) Then offer a solution (correct the individual, not society).

Many elements of this formula have been at work for a long while, with devastating effects. We are being asked to believe that the educational, economic, political and social processes that have further impoverished and devastated poor and oppressed areas shouldn’t even be mentioned. This is more than jut “let’s assume” exercise. This is a clarion call for us to wake up!

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