Sixteen year old spends 30 years in Solitary Confinement

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Name Correction

Due to reasons out of our control the name of this site has been changed to the “CONFABULATOR.” We will continue to bring you interesting articles that matters to you.

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Shankled and Chained By The New Jim Crow- Reblog

Reblogged: The following letter/commentary was written as a critique, and in response, to the Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL) and Eugene Puryear’s recent book, Shackled and Chained. This … Continue reading

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The Jamaatian Ethics

Submitted by Akili Castlin JAMAATIAN MINISTRY “Your kingdom come, your will be done on Earth, as it is heaven” Matthew 6:10 Jamaatian Ministry, the propagation of religious unity, spiritual cultivation, tolerance … Continue reading

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Who Are The Move 9?

The MOVE 9 are innocent men and women who have been in prison since August 8, 1978, following a massive police attack on us at our home in Powelton Village … Continue reading

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Long Live “John Africa’s Revolution!

     ONA MOVE! The MOVE family is distributing this communique to inform you of the latest developments with the Pennsylvania (PA.) parole board. Several of our family members have … Continue reading

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State of Pennsylviania Illegally Holding Man!

Originally posted on C.C.U.R.E.D.D.:
Re: Commonwealth v. Pittman Lehigh County Docket No. 1998/304 Dear Governor Corbett: My name is Gabriel Pittman. I am an…

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REPOST FROM C.C.U.R.E.D.D. SCANDALOUS ILLEGALITIES BREAKING BAD IN BIRTHPLACE OF U.S. CONSTITUTION    –   In light of the tragic killing of #Trayvon Martin and the subsequent equally tragic criminal … Continue reading

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A National Convesation

By Donnie Phillips      Our President took to the podium for 18 minutes in an impromptu (extemporaneous) statement trying to intimate the feelings Black American were experiencing following the … Continue reading

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Rising music talent shares his perspectives, goals

By Raymond Harris, Allen Parrish The mention of prison usually conjures up stereotypical images of tattoos run amuck on men wearing black winter skull caps with pronounced devious expressions cemented on … Continue reading

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